Hullo JS


import { Channel } from '@hullo/core'
Channel is an observable and observer combined. That means you can write to and also read from it. Where observable is activated once there is a live subscription, Channel has no producer and is always "live".
import { Channel } from '@hullo/core';
const ch = new Channel<string>();
/* here, subject allows for a message
* but since there is no subscription
* the message is lost */'echo!');
const sub = ch.subscribe({
next: v => { console.log(v); }
/* here, there is a live subscription
* and so the message will be received */'ECHO!');
Channel has also two additional methods, unique to channel: take and tryTake. With those you can get a Promise of next message. Both of those are for the same purpose, one is graceful, the other fails fast.
import { Channel } from '@hullo/core';
const ch = new Channel<string>();
async function listen() {
console.log(await ch.take());
async function broadcast() {
// prints "hello" to the console
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